L’enfant terrible advertising – the unofficial ads of the Gaultier Spring 2013 collection…

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Spring is like a renaissance for the trees. It’s also a time for renaissance in fashion for the decades past. Check out the brand new ads of the Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2013 RTW collection and the creative process notes behind the ads here.


Stratocaster Stratosphere…

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If 6 was 9 and If Jimi were alive he would have turned 70 yesterday. Here’s a blogpost straight from the stratosphere that was made by listening to some strat strumming on this auspicious day in music history. Read the full post here.

Rackitecture – a discourse on racks…

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Racks – they come in all shapes and sizes. Racks – they can be real or virtual. Racks – people are always pulling stuff off of it. Yes, you guessed it right – shopping racks. Without customers pulling stuff off of racks, retail stores would be dead in the water. Nordstrom even calls their outlet the Nordstrom Rack! One of the most happening tech companies in Texas is called “RackSpace”! The server business talks a lot about these racks and stacks. Those server racks is the heart and soul of the world today…

Retail loves racks. The rack is retail’s most important asset because it supports light or heavy objects for display to the customer who is walking down the aisle. See! It keeps sounding better. What are some of those things we pull off of those racks be it in the virtual or in the real world ? Music, magazines or even music magazines….

Read this discourse on some stuff I observed on real and virtual racks in recent weeks here.

A Symphony of Album Cover Architecture….

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My last post examining the creative collaboration of Marc Jacobs & Yayoi Kusama for Louis Vuitton had one outstanding item and that was to document real life observations where the art of Miss Kusama’s dots exists in finite spaces but in an infinity of objects. But before I want to present that I wanted to sprinkle this post in between my experiments. It’s a blogpost akin to what the New York times observed about Marc Jacobs when previewing his 2013 Resort collection where they documented :

“Jacobs also knows very well how to design commercial successes and sprinkle them between his experiments.

This sprinkle post can also be thought of as an experience of smelling coffee beans while shopping for cologne/perfumes at the mall. The Kusama dots do distort the senses a bit so it’s nice to break away from it for a while before exploring them again! Heck, there are no water restrictions in blogging so let’s have some fun with some sprinkling observations from some of my recent travels and it’s collision with the recently concluded 2012 Summer Olympics across the pond. Read the full article here.

There’s something about Marc : Part I, Act 1 – Louis Vuitton – Yayoi Kusama : Marc Jacobs’ DOT-on timing!

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This post will examine the first of many journeys into the mind of Marc Jacobs and his contributions to the fashion world. First up is the latest collaboration of the Louis Vuitton powerhouse with famed avant-garde 83 year old artist from Japan – Yayoi Kusama. This article documents everything I have observed and learnt from the media and the real world revolving around this creative collaboration everyone is talking about. Ready to be dazed by the dots? Read the full documentary here.

Norma Jeane Mortenson a.k.a Marilyn Monroe…

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In this post I will pay my respects to an American icon and a silver screen legend who shares an attribute with the Titanic. What is it ? Find out here !


A tribute to Italian ( & some French ) design…

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This post is all about cutting edge iconic design and technology. In my last post I had used the term “Parallel Occurrences” to explain the works of Mark Manders. Any article I decide to publish is a result of parallel occurrences of thoughts. This is a post of parallel occurrences of thoughts and pictures from the past and the present. In this brief post ( which is a filler post until I publish “There’s something about Marc” ) I will examine Italian and then some French design in cars, sunglasses, architecture and fashion!

This article will examine the role of Pininfarina and it’s contributions to the world of automobile ( & architecture ) design as a tribute to Sergio Pininfarina who passed away on July 3, 2012 at the ripe old age of 85. But first let’s take at look at America’s role in promoting Italian design. It’s summertime and what do you wear when you are driving that Pininfarina designed Ferrari ? A pair of Persols would be appropriate I would say. Read the full article here.

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